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Desktop view - IMMOplanit management module (1)
The all-in one application for managing your properties

Direct and complete follow-up of your property portfolio

Easily follow up on repairs to buildings

Link place description to your management application

Our inventory application and management application are in direct contact with your accounting software:

Available end of 2021.

Desktop view - IMMOplanit management module (1)

My properties

My properties

The dashboard has a complete overview of all your properties, from this you can even directly create a place description, all known data will now be automatically filled in for you, so your location description goes even faster.

  • The dashboard even has a document/check list, simply click on which documents you need, and the invitations will be sent automatically, if the requested document is available you will also receive a notification, incoming documents are automatically attached to the property and tenant .

Follow the status of your property management closely.

  • Overview of repairs & comments

  • Status of approval & signature

  • Email and SMS notifications

  • Full follow-up & control from A to Z



List overview of properties - IMMOplanit application

Repairs from daily management or repairs resulting from a location description are immediately forwarded and communicated in our management application. This means that these repairs are visible as a notification in the dashboard of the property manager. For example, the photos taken + the described problem are received as a notification.

In fact, you hardly need to do anything!
For example, you can simply reject the repair by pressing 1 button, request additional approval from the owner, or immediately approve the repair for execution so that this assignment is forwarded directly to the professional(s) of your preference or with whom you work.

List overview of properties - IMMOplanit application

As a manager or real estate agent, you have 100% overview and control of the entire flow, from incoming problem to repair to quotation to invoicing, tenant, real estate manager, owner, professional, insurance, ...

The management application does all the hard work for you,

  • Tenants no longer have to call or email you with their problems
  • Your craftsmen are automatically informed about the problem / location
  • Quotations are automatically sent to you
  • You as a real estate agent always have control over everything while everyone is kept informed

Place description + management module

Place description & management module

An entry/exit location description is linked to the property here, so that you always get a complete overview of the tenant and the condition of the property in the management application.

A new location description goes even faster via the management application, because a history is kept of everything. In this way, all known and unaltered data can be copied directly to the new location description. 

Checklist documents - IMMOplanit application

Checklist documents

Our management module also has a checklist and request list, which means that as a real estate manager you can also request things such as pay slips, inspection certificates, compliance certificate fire insurance, rental guarantee, etc.
You can check items to your heart's desire, so that these items are automatically requested for you to the right person or authorities. If the desired requests come in, you will simply be notified and these documents will be automatically uploaded and parked under the correct field. So from now on you NEVER have to e-mail or telephone for all these standard matters.

Link with real estate websites

Link with real estate websites

Our management module also has the option that you, as a real estate manager, have the option to take photos of your property to be rented or sold, and to supplement this with the options of the property, so that you can directly manage your properties in the future. publish on Immoweb, etc…

Boiler maintenance & cleaning

Our management module also keeps track of whether or not boiler maintenance was carried out when a tenant resigns, and if necessary, all this is arranged for you.

If you wish, our management module can also appoint a cleaning or cleaning service upon entry/exit to clean up an apartment, depending on your needs.

Moving service

The tenant can easily select whether he wants a moving service. He will be immediately contacted with the moving company. 

Your accounting software

Our management module can normally also be linked to your accounting software, so that invoices from your craftsmen arising from repairs can already be booked in your financial section.

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IMMOplanit in your pocket

Our application is designed so that you can use it on all devices. You can now manage your properties anywhere!

Our bundles

With the bundles of IMMOplanit you can immediately start managing your properties or creating your place descriptions. These two applications can be used individually or in unison.

Place description application

€25/place description (Excl. VAT)

Normal €35

  • Create digital location description within the hour
  • Do it yourself or have it performed by our place recorder*
  • Overview of repairs 
  • Easy digital signing
  • Selle communication between place descriptor, tenant, landlord and the real estate agency

* Having location descriptions carried out by our location descriptions is an additional cost, depending on the assignment.

Manage application

€5/month (Excl. VAT)

Normal €7

  • Overview of all your properties
  • Place descriptions are linked to your properties
  • Management of repairs to be performed & performed
  • Fast communication with every repair
  •  Financial management of your properties
  • All your documents in one place
  • Easy communication through our chat system

Multiple properties?

Do you have an extensive real estate portfolio?

  • Let us import your properties so you can get started right away