Digitally plan, format and sign your inventory. It's that simple!

Tablet view - IMMOplanit application

Everything you need for your Place descriptions

Plan your listing and invite all parties with 1 click

copy data from the previous location description entrances or exits.

Fill in your place description digitally with voice recognition


Description of place digitally sign

Repairs and all additional information immediately visible to all parties

Responsive design IMMOplanit application

Create your place description in a few clicks

Properties overview - IMMOplanit application

1. Add your properties

All your properties and their information bundled in 1 place† Easily add properties or follow sheet descriptions.

Properties overview - IMMOplanit application

2. Draw up a description of the place

Through voice recognition and images you can very simple fill in your description of the place on the move.


3. Digital Signature

All parties are invited to the description of the place to be digitally signed. 

IMMO planit ensures that we simple and quickly carry out our location descriptions. because of this we save a lot of time that we used to spend on emails, telephones, rent follow-up etc.

Real estate Ameye


The application helps me to create place descriptions within the hour. It is possible to transfer data from a previous location description to a new entry or exit. This way everything goes much faster!

Leplae rentals


The platform is intuitive and easy to use. WI work now faster and easier than before, IMMOplanit is already a top platform for me.

Immo Demey


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Responsive design IMMOplanit application