What are we?

Team IMMOplanit in the office of IMMOplanit

Your all-in-one real estate agency platform

Thanks to the cooperation of the real estate world, we have succeeded in developing a total platform especially for all your needs.

Our applications make it possible to bundle all your administrative tasks on one digital platform.

Thanks to IMMOplanit you are always within reach of your documents, customer data & information about your properties.

No more unnecessary e-mail traffic, telephones or paperwork… Time-saving, that's IMMOplanit!

Team IMMOplanit in the office of IMMOplanit

Word from the CEO


Word from the CEO


As an industrial centipede, I have been active for many years for people from the real estate and renovation world. Since we also have a foothold in the IT sector, me and our team were offered the opportunity to develop a new and innovative total platform for the real estate world.

We developed this way out of necessity and at the request of the real estate agents 1 total IMMOplanit platform.

However, the objective of Immoplanit is to bundle various applications and integrations under this total platform for the people from the real estate world, so that everyone can be helped for a small price, and that there is ALWAYS a WIN/WIN situation for everyone who uses Immoplanit.

Verhaeghe Romuald – CEO