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Make digital place descriptions &
 management your real estate office carefree through our applications


IMMOplanit is the 1st TOTAL platform that exists
from different communicating applications.

Tablet view of the Immoplanit dashboard application.

Place description application

Run place descriptions in
barely 1 hour

Property overview page IMMOplanit

Who can perform place descriptions?

  • You as a real estate agency
  • You as a place descriptor
  • Your current place descriptor
  • An external place recorder
  • A place recorder of IMMOplanit

Run place descriptions using speech technology


Digitally sign place description

Repairs and all additional information immediately visible to all parties

Manage application

The all-in-one application for managing your properties

Repair list - IMMOplanit management application

Easily follow up on repairs to buildings

Link location description to your management application

Our inventory application and management application are in direct contact with your accounting software:

Checklist documents - IMMOplanit application

Checklist & keeping records such as:

  • wage slip
  • Rental contract
  • Fire insurance
  • Certificate of conformity in collaboration with your municipality
  • ….

Adding an ad on IMMO websites - IMMOplanit management application

Link your properties with their data to different real estate websites with 1 click.

Overview of Properties in the IMMOplanit Application

Direct and complete follow-up of your property portfolio

IMMOplanit Resposive design Tablet Mobile 1

IMMOplanit in your pocket

Our application is designed so that you can use it on all devices. You can now manage your properties anywhere!

Some reviews :

Real estate Amey
Leplae rental
Devos Vast&Goed - customer Immoplanit
Satisfied customer at IMMoplanit

Immo Demey

We used to outsource our place descriptions, immo planit is a real added value for us to withdraw place descriptions back to us, since Immoplanit also offers a management application with many useful functions, we recommend every broker and/or manager to use Immoplanit. Convenient that place descriptions are linked in the management application.

Real estate Ameye

I was a bit skeptical at first to discover something new, but Immo-planit really has everything for every broker, the modules are really tailored to the needs of the broker. WWe now work faster and easier than before, very user-friendly and beautifully designed. I'm already looking forward to your new modules. IMMOplanit is already a top platform for me.

Weyts Immo

We are mainly active in property management and rental, this platform will certainly soon be known in the real estate world, very easy to use. Our former place recorder now uses this application too! Easy that new and old parties can collaborate and network with the same application.

Devos Vast&goed

The application helps me to create place descriptions within the hour. It is possible to transfer data from a previous location description to a new entry or exit. This way everything goes much faster!

Leplae rentals

Immoplanit ensures that we can carry out our location descriptions quickly and easily. This saves us a lot of time that we used to spend on emails, telephones, rent follow-up, etc.

Satisfied customer at IMMoplanit