Property management

Premises data

Collect essential property data in IMMOplanit. Add photos for quick recognition, show your address on Google Maps, select property types and define detailed property properties.

EPC data

Add EPC documents and their details to your property. All relevant details are visible to tenants and owners from one central dashboard.

Building layouts

Draw up a detailed layout of your property, including floors and outdoor areas. This layout is replicated in leases and speeds up the start-up of place descriptions.

Linking owners

Link owners to the property to keep them informed of updates. Owners get their own account on IMMOplanit to track everything and sign documents digitally.

match tenants

Give tenants their own login. Easily link them to leases or placeholders and facilitate digital signing.


Managing documents

Manage all your property's documents in one place. Add documents accessible to both tenants and owners for streamlined communication and management.

Property management with IMMOplanit: Efficiency and convenience in one platform

Manage your property portfolio effortlessly with IMMOplanit. Our platform offers a comprehensive solution for effectively managing your properties, from adding detailed property data to integrating EPC documents. Add photos for quick recognition, define property types, and keep all crucial information conveniently together. Our user-friendly interface ensures that you maintain full control over your property management, without the complexity.

IMMOplanit makes working with owners and tenants a breeze. You can easily link owners and tenants to properties, invite them to create an account and thus actively involve all parties in the management process.

Easily add properties

Add properties to your portfolio effortlessly with IMMOplanit. Collect all necessary data, such as photos for recognition and location data via Google Maps. Select the property type and define the specific features.

In addition, add EPC data and the corresponding certificate to enrich your property profile. The property classification can also be captured, which is useful for displaying in leases and speeding up place descriptions.

For estate agents

Real estate firms benefit significantly from the ability to integrate their property portfolio into the platform. This ensures that all information about their properties is easily accessible, leading to a better overview and management of their properties. Moreover, the platform allows important documents such as leases and place descriptions to be linked directly to the properties, ensuring structured and clear documentation.

For placeholders

Place describers find in IMMOplanit an efficient way to track and manage the history of place descriptions. The software facilitates digital signing of documents by owners and tenants, which speeds up and simplifies the process. The property classification within the software provides a direct structure for new place descriptions, making the start-up of this process considerably smoother.

For property owners

Owners can access a wealth of information about their properties through the platform. They can view all documents and data shared by the real estate agency. In addition, IMMOplanit allows owners to actively participate in the management of their properties, such as indicating preferences for repairs and maintenance.

For property tenants

Tenants benefit from IMMOplanit's user-friendliness, which gives them instant access to important information and documents. This includes an overview of their tenancy agreement and the corresponding place description. The ability to digitally sign documents not only makes the process easier for tenants, but also faster and more efficient.

Frequently asked questions

How many properties can I add?

On the IMMOplanit platform, there is no limit to the number of properties you can add. You are free to add as many properties as required for your property management. This provides maximum flexibility and scalability for your business.

Can I add my entire property portfolio?

Currently, IMMOplanit does not yet support direct import of complete property lists from other software. However, if you have a large portfolio, our team can assist you in importing your properties for a fee. We are continuously improving our platform and adding this functionality is on our future development list.

Are tenants & owners required to register to IMMOplanit?

No, it is not mandatory for tenants and owners to create an account with IMMOplanit. If they choose not to respond to the account invitation, they will not be active in our system. This means they will also not receive invitations for digital signing. In such cases, signing documents will still have to be done manually

Am I required to add on EPC documents?

No, at IMMOplanit we strive to keep obligations to a minimum. Adding EPC documents is not an obligation, just an option. We offer this option to facilitate the management of your properties by being able to link and access all relevant documents in one place.

Do I have to pay to manage my properties on IMMOplanit?

No, property management is a free module.

Where can I go with my questions?

First, check out our comprehensive documentation from IMMOplanit for quick answers. Should you not find the answer there, you can always reach us via the contact form on our website. We are ready to answer all your questions and support you.

Discover all IMMOplanit functionalities in our documentation 

We have compiled extensive documentation and guides to support you in using IMMOplanit to its full potential. These resources are designed to guide you step-by-step through each feature.

Why IMMOplanit?

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Automate repetitive tasks like preparing leases and place descriptions, and spend more time on what really matters.


Manage your property portfolio from any location, with our cloud-based solution.


Flexible templates that can be adapted to your specific needs and preferences.


Reduce paper use through digital documents and electronic signatures.