Draw up a rental contract

Rental contract details

IMMOplanit takes over the property details and helps you gather all the necessary information. Avoid the hassle of Word documents and enjoy a streamlined process.

Pay slips & insurance

These documents are automatically linked to the lease, keeping all important information clear and accessible.


Managing documents

IMMOplanit allows you to add multiple documents to a lease. This ensures that you and all parties involved always have the most up-to-date and relevant information at hand.

Terms and conditions templates

Create your own terms and conditions template for leases in IMMOplanit. Complete it with fixed contract variables, allowing each agreement to be personalised quickly and efficiently to the specific requirements of each rental.

PDF Display

View your lease in a clear and uncluttered pdf format with IMMOplanit. Should you have overlooked anything, you can easily edit the lease details and re-generate the pdf for a flawless presentation.

Digital signing

Add an owner or tenant to a property and invite them to an IMMOplanit account. Once their account is active, they will receive an invitation to digitally sign the lease.

Ease of Digital Signing

Invite tenants and owners to Immoplanit and give them the choice to create an account or not. Once active, they are invited to sign documents digitally. 

Conditions on the lease

Create your own general terms and conditions for your leases. We offer standard terms and conditions that you can easily adapt to your specific needs via settings.

Own branding

With IMMOplanit, you bring your own branding to the fore. Integrate your company name, logo and colours in all Pdfs and e-mail communications. Give your documents and communications a personal touch that reinforces your brand identity.

A clear pdf

Review your lease in our clear review module before signing it. Forgot to add something? No worries, you can make adjustments until you are completely satisfied and the documents are ready to send to the parties involved.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a demo or trial version available?

Yes, we offer a 7-day trial period. Register on IMMOplanit and immediately enjoy 7 days of unlimited access to all our features with no restrictions. Experience for yourself how IMMOplanit can transform your property management!

What does it cost to have a property survey done by IMMOplanit?

IMMOplanit is designed for both small and large real estate offices and independent placeholders. Our system allows you to invite employees and assign them specific roles. This facilitates seamless collaboration within your team, especially when compiling place descriptions. Whatever the size of your company, IMMOplanit helps streamline and make your real estate processes more efficient.

On which devices can I work with the software?

You have several options for creating place descriptions with IMMOplanit. As a real estate agency, you can do the place descriptions yourself. You can also outsource them to your regular placeholder, or you can choose the convenience of our team of experienced placeholders within IMMOplanit. This flexibility ensures that you always have a solution that suits your specific needs.

Can I use your service without using the software?

No, with IMMOplanit you don't have to start from scratch every time. We aim for the most efficient approach to creating property descriptions. Each property gets a preset layout, so the structure of your property description is already fixed. You can also set templates for different room types. In addition, IMMOplanit offers the possibility to copy the previous place description in full, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the process.

Where can I go with my questions?

First, check out our comprehensive documentation from IMMOplanit for quick answers. Should you not find the answer there, you can always reach us via the contact form on our website. We are ready to answer all your questions and support you.

Discover all IMMOplanit functionalities in our documentation 

We have compiled extensive documentation and guides to support you in using IMMOplanit to its full potential. These resources are designed to guide you step-by-step through each feature.

Why IMMOplanit?

Try for free now and find out the difference!


Automate repetitive tasks like preparing leases and place descriptions, and spend more time on what really matters.


Manage your property portfolio from any location, with our cloud-based solution.


Flexible templates that can be adapted to your specific needs and preferences.


Reduce paper use through digital documents and electronic signatures.