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Manage properties for free

Drawing up lease contracts free of charge

From 750 inspections per year

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Software features


With our customisable templates, you never start from scratch. Set a specific template for each room type, including recurring elements and descriptions.

Copying in or out

Speed up your place descriptions by copying previous report. Adjust with new comments or remove what is no longer needed, for a quick and accurate update of your place description.


General elements

Add important details such as attendance list, weather conditions, keys, and meter readings. These general elements are essential for a complete and accurate location description of each property.

Property layout

When adding a new property, set the property layout for a clear structure. This helps in efficiently preparing your initial place description, saving considerable time.

Damage & cleaning

Mark cleaning needs by room and identify damage by element. Upon signing, the owner receives an overview for repair or cleaning work, for streamlined handling.

Digital signing

Invite owners and tenants to view and sign the property description digitally on IMMOplanit. Tenants have the option to submit an addendum up to 14 days after signing, for flexible and careful handling.

Premises data

Collect essential property data in IMMOplanit. Add photos for quick recognition, show your address on Google Maps, select property types and define detailed property properties.

EPC data

Add EPC documents and their details to your property. All relevant details are visible to tenants and owners from one central dashboard.

Building layouts

Draw up a detailed layout of your property, including floors and outdoor areas. This layout is replicated in leases and speeds up the start-up of place descriptions.

Linking owners

Link owners to the property to keep them informed of updates. Owners get their own account on IMMOplanit to track everything and sign documents digitally.

match tenants

Give tenants their own login. Easily link them to leases or placeholders and facilitate digital signing.


Managing documents

Manage all your property's documents in one place. Add documents accessible to both tenants and owners for streamlined communication and management.

Rental contract details

IMMOplanit takes over the property details and helps you gather all the necessary information. Avoid the hassle of Word documents and enjoy a streamlined process.

Pay slips & insurance

These documents are automatically linked to the lease, keeping all important information clear and accessible.


Documents for leases

IMMOplanit allows you to add multiple documents to a lease. This ensures that you and all parties involved always have the most up-to-date and relevant information at hand.

Terms and conditions templates

Create your own terms and conditions template for leases in IMMOplanit. Complete it with fixed contract variables, allowing each agreement to be personalised quickly and efficiently to the specific requirements of each rental.

PDF Display

View your lease in a clear and uncluttered pdf format with IMMOplanit. Should you have overlooked anything, you can easily edit the lease details and re-generate the pdf for a flawless presentation.

Digital signing

Add an owner or tenant to a property and invite them to an IMMOplanit account. Once their account is active, they will receive an invitation to digitally sign the lease.

Have a property survey carried out by IMMOplanit

Get your place description done by IMMOplanit experts. Within our app, you can easily calculate the price when creating a place description. Efficient and hassle-free.

Frequently asked questions

Why is there an annual charge?

We charge an annual fee to cover the storage of place descriptions and leases on our servers. Place descriptions require significant storage space, especially because of the large amount of photos they contain. These fees help ensure safe, reliable and accessible storage of your valuable documents.

How is payment made?

After your 7-day trial period, the number of place descriptions made is tracked. At the end of each month, you will automatically receive an invoice for the number of completed place descriptions in that month. Your first paying placeholder will also be charged the annual fee. This streamlined payment method ensures transparency and convenience in your billing process.

Who pays for the placeholder?

At IMMOplanit, you can register as a real estate agent or as a place descriptor. The party requesting the place description is responsible for paying for it. If you are invited to carry out a property survey, the party inviting you will bear the cost. This approach ensures clarity and fairness in the payment process.

Are leases free?

Yes, at IMMOplanit we do not charge extra for using leases. You can create and manage unlimited leases at no additional cost, as part of your IMMOplanit subscription.

Is there a demo or trial version available?

Yes, we offer a 7-day trial period that includes 10 free place descriptions. Register on IMMOplanit and immediately enjoy 7 days of unlimited access to all our features with no restrictions. Experience for yourself how IMMOplanit can transform your property management!

What does it cost to have a property survey done by IMMOplanit?

At IMMOplanit, you can have place descriptions carried out by our team. Prior to the assignment, you can calculate an estimated cost based on the number of different rooms. The final price will be determined on the basis of the property survey carried out and will automatically be added to your monthly invoice. This ensures a transparent and flexible billing method.

On which devices can I work with the software?

IMMOplanit is designed to be compatible with all devices that support modern browsers. On computers and tablets, you can take full advantage of our functionalities, such as creating place descriptions, drawing up leases and managing properties. With your smartphone, you can access consult functionalities, which allow you to easily view your properties, place descriptions and leases.

Can I use your service without using the software?

Certainly, if you want to use our place description services or have other questions but do not want to use the software, you can always contact us. Send your request or question to info@immoplanit.be and our team will be happy to help you further.

We are a larger company, can we add more employees?

Yes, although there is a maximum number of employees set for standard accounts, we understand that larger companies may need more capacity. If you would like to add more employees than our standard limit allows, please contact us at info@immoplanit.be. We will then meet with you personally to find a solution that meets your specific business needs.

Where can I go with my questions?

First, check out our comprehensive documentation of Immoplanit for quick answers. Should you not find the answer there, you can always reach us via the contact form on our website. We are ready to answer all your questions and support you.